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Posted: 4/3/12 8:05 PM

Would be nice to have a 64bit version of Magelo Sync.

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Posted: 4/4/12 12:44 AM


I'm running Windows 7 64 bit with no problems. What exactly are you having problems with?

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Posted: 4/5/12 7:35 PM

Windows 64-bit can run both 64-bit and 32-bit programs. EQ is a 32-bit program. Magelo does not need to be 64-bit as it uses very little memory compared to the games it retrieves information from.

IANAT (i am not a techie).

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Posted: 4/20/12 3:48 PM

puts in a bit of tech

A 64 Bit Magelo client would need a 64Bit Java Runtime Environment. Sun offers a 64Bit Java JRE but there are very few browsers which can use it so you will have to use the 32Bit JRE aswell to navigate through the Magelo Website.

In summary - you'll have to have two JRE's, one in use, one which consumes / wastes system resources.


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Posted: 7/15/12 11:56 PM

Just to correct what MWunsch said. Whille it's true that if you are using a 32bit browser and you have an applet somewhere on the web, you will indeed need to have the 32bit JRE as well, the whole magelo website is not using any applet whatsoever, so java is not required at all for the website, only for the client (Magelo Sync).

As of last week, Magelo Sync also comes with a 64 bit version so people wishing to stick to a 64bit JRE on their 64bit windows system can do it.

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Posted: 7/17/12 5:41 PM

Just FYI, since I installed last week, on Win7 32-bit the shortcut being dropped on the desktop is for the 64-bit version, and I had to troubleshoot why it wasn't opening for me.
I had to create a shortcut for the normal 32-bit version from the installation folder.

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Posted: 7/18/12 1:50 AM

Thank you Fenthen, we were aware of this issue and we fixed it few days ago.
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Posted: 8/8/12 8:52 PM

Mine is still not working. It's saying that all my character slots are full. I've deleted all the character slots, and it's still saying the same thing.

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Posted: 8/9/12 1:20 AM

Hi Aleonia,

Your issue is not related to our recent update for Java 7.

Your Premium subscription let you synchronize all the characters you have on 3 different game accounts. Each time you sync a character from a different game account, a slot is taken. So you currently reach the limit with 3 slots used.

You just need to go in your account page where there is a link in the Premium box to let you "Free your game slots". This is allowed 1 time during your subscription. You will be able to sync again your characters.