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Posted: 4/24/12 6:52 PM

in the past it was possible to list members in the guild roster with their AA. i miss this very much, please bring that back


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Posted: 4/30/12 6:43 PM

Just courious if you mean listing toons with a certain AA or just listing toons with any AA's? like having a search by specific AA type tool or do you mean something differnt?


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Posted: 7/16/12 8:28 AM

Ya good question, I am wondering the same...

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Posted: 7/17/12 5:26 PM

I think he means, as having the AA total be a column in the character list.
Right now it is only Name / Class / Level / Rank / Last Update

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Posted: 9/10/12 7:10 AM

Ok, we can add it back in the private roster. I will let you know when it's live.
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Posted: 12/11/12 4:47 AM

Instead of adding just aa to guild - could you add guild as a filter on the ranking page instead, so you can choose to see guildmembers only, and then sort by any stat u like ??

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Posted: 12/12/12 4:11 AM

Hi Rekre,

I believe the right answer is a private guild ranking. The issue with the public ranking is that members of your guild can opt out and therefore you will not be able to audit all your members.

With a private guild ranking, all your members could be listed. We could set some permission so that only GL and officers can access such tool.