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Posted: 4/29/12 1:12 PM

How do I add new profiles without using sync? Is it even possible now?


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Posted: 4/30/12 1:04 AM

Hi Jyrekan,

You need in fact to use Magelo Sync to add your character. We removed the option to manually add a character since few years now. With Magelo Sync, we can guarantee the character identity and his guild information. It also avoid duplicates characters in the database.

I will recommend you to take our Trial offer now, to fully sync your characters for 10 days. You will be able to try out all our Premium services as well of course. Then you can decide to continue updating your character automatically with a Premium subscription, or manually for free.

Let me know if you need more information!
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Posted: 6/24/12 4:26 PM

Hello. The problem is, your magelo sync is for windows only, and I have character on mac server. So I can't use magelo sync for character creation.
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Posted: 6/30/12 4:48 PM

There is a program that will allow you to run a virtual windows on a mac.

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Posted: 6/30/12 5:12 PM

Lots of people run "Dual Boot" on their Macs (bot Mac OS and Windows) specifically for the purpose of playing games. EQ is no exception...

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