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Posted: 11/30/12, 4:55 AM

Did i miss another stealth EQ patch ?
Just get this
eqgame.exe has been patched, Magelo Sync will be updated soon to support this version.
But the previos post admn said it was workng


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Posted: 11/30/12, 1:51 PM

We just patched Magelo Sync, you can try again, it should work now.
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Posted: 12/2/12, 12:03 AM

Not working right for me Synced and it is showing about 3.5k less HPs than I have (just checked after rez!).
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Posted: 12/2/12, 12:07 PM

Sync is not working correctly for me either. Just tried it, and it's showing me with less HPs and a lot less AAs (about 1500).

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Posted: 12/2/12, 10:29 PM

Thanks for your feedback. The issue is not really with Magelo Sync, but more with the HP and Mana statistics that seams not correctly calculated anymore. This is probably linked to a change in the formula introduced in the game with Rain of Fear. We are looking into it and we will keep you posted in this thread: http://eq.magelo.com/forum/messages.jspa?topic=11206

I will close this topic to consolidate the issue in 1 thread only.