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Posted: 1/8/13 5:54 PM

I'm kind of new to this so i may not be doing it right, but right now the issue im having is Magelo is synching my character.
but not my equiptment or stats?? am I doing something wrong is it a bug, or do i need to pay for a subscription?
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Posted: 1/9/13 9:55 AM

You do need a sub to sync your equipment and stats yes.


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Posted: 1/15/13 12:24 AM

Hello Faeiniel,

As sparrowhawk mentioned, you need a Premium subscription to fully sync your character. Otherwise you can also do it manually (go to "My characters" > "edit").

For your information, our holiday special offer is actually still running today (January 15 is the last day) so if you are interested you can get 3 extra months on your 1 year Premium subscription.

If you are not sure about getting Premium now, no worries, you can also try out all the Premium features using our 10 day Trial offer.

If you have any question, don't hesitate to post in the forum again.
Welcome and Happy new year!