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Posted: 3/23/13 7:38 AM

So i logged in today... sync'd my characters then i realized... holy crap I've been signed up to Magelo for 11 years...


I remember visiting the site for the first time and people saying "it'' will never last. Im glad you ignored em man

Here's to 11 more.


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Posted: 3/25/13 12:38 AM

Thank you for your kind message and your support Montigue!
Yes Magelo is still around and hopefully will stay around again for a long time.
The website has been created in April 2001 so it will be actually 12 years in a few days! For sure, we can celebrate


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Posted: 3/25/13 12:42 AM

/cheers !!!

As Loulina said, thanks for your support, we wouldn't be able to still be around without you guys !
And indeed, we need to celebrate