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Posted: 9/23/13, 1:54 PM

I am having a serious problem with Magelo. About 90% of the time it either tells me that it is waiting for a patch update even if the last patch was days or weeks ago, or it can't find the logged in character. I only have one character set u[ in Magelo. Either fix the damn program so it works or give me my money back.

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Posted: 9/24/13, 3:40 AM

Hi kodiacFL,

Since how long do you have this issue? We usually need few days to update Magelo Sync when there is a game patch, so you cannot sync your character during this period. But if you say that Magelo Sync don't detect your character sometimes, this is another thing.

Could you please provide the log file of Magelo Sync? Try again to sync and press ctrl+shift+L when the error occurs. That should help us to understand what is going on.

Thank you