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Posted: 10/8/13 6:34 PM

So I'm trying to app to a guild and so I've gotta configure me one of these here darn tootin Magelo thingys.....
I managed to figure out the whole Gear thing which seemed easy enough then comes the whole knot in the Christmas lights... where the H E double hockey sticks do I go to put in all my aa's. Had I felt the need to pay $25 bucks for a years worth of this service this would have been easy to me, but I did not.

I googled and scanned the forums here but did not seem to find a guide as to how a non-premium person goes about fixing their aa's. Thanks for any help =) Dramaful

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Posted: 10/10/13 11:58 PM

Hi dramalama,

Check our recent news, this information is now synced for you with Magelo Sync. The only thing you have to take care manually is your gear.