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Posted: 3/12/14, 9:41 PM

I have Java installed and I have a paid premium subscription. When I open up Magelo Synch it opens the window fine but there is nothing displayed..just a blank blue screen..no "EverQuest" "World of Warcraft" or "Rift" button, no option menu, nothing. Before this happened it used to open, but couldn't detect EverQuest as running, and when I would click the in window EverQuest button, nothing would happen. PLEASE help, thanks.

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Posted: 3/24/14, 4:16 AM

Really sorry I did not get back to you before. Do you still have an issue with Magelo Sync? I can see you recently synchronized some characters after you posted this message. If you still have a problem, could you please try again and press ctrl+shift+L when you get the white screen? The log file of Magelo Sync will appear and you can copy its content in your reply. Thanks!