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Posted: 3/13/14, 9:54 AM

I just returned to EQ after 6 years and am sooo glad to see Magelo still going!

However, I am running into these issues (after just updating to the new Java):

1) program launches okay, but the launch game doesn't launch the EQ app when I press it.

2) I manually launch the game then get the message "eqgame.exe has been patched, Magelo Sync will be updated soon to support this version

I know EQ just did an update on 3/12 and doing again today 3/13 - so of course If I were you I would wait to see if there will the "patch to the patches" that EQ is so famous for heheh. But I am not sure if this is causing the Magelo Launch not to work?

Thanks for all you do for this community-this resource should be every EQ players "Main supplement" !!.

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Posted: 3/23/14, 10:55 PM

Go ahead and test this again - things should be functional for you. I do not use Magelo to launch my EQ, but I am able to sync without problems.

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Posted: 3/24/14, 4:32 AM

Look like you were able to sync some character after you posted here, so I can assume everything is now ok for you, right?
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Posted: 3/26/14, 12:33 PM

The sync works fine which is the most important thing for me. The game launcher button does not. The only thing difference now is I am on a normal subscription, not the trial membership.

Also I do have the "launch my favourite game automatically" selected in the settings. However it does not seem to launch the game even in automatic launch setting.

It really is not a big deal to me personally, but just letting you know that the game launcher functions do not work (for me anyway).


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Posted: 4/7/14, 12:21 PM

Hi atlhunk,

Could you please post your Magelo Sync log ? It should give us some hints as to why the launcher is not working properly for you.