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Posted: 9/29/14, 7:13 PM

their should be an option to manually enter a new character. I play on test server and as it stands.. sometimes its weeks before its patched to work with test again, its aggravating when wanting to sync a new character and you cant because sync isn't up much for test because sony patches test so much. by the time magelo is updated to sync, sony patches again. and its awhile before its patched again. ive only been able to sync a few times in 3 months because of sync not working. I feel their should be an option to manually enter a new character.

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Posted: 10/15/14, 5:12 PM

Hi shroomer95,

We had it in the past and it was a nightmare to cope with all the noise it brings. We are trying our best to patch Magelo Sync to work on the Test Server as quick as possible but due to the very nature of the test server, it can be hard sometime.
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Posted: 12/3/14, 12:11 PM

please pardon me for posting here, but as a paying member I find I am UNABLE to start a topic

I am sure this has been brought up many times before, but since I have paid since 2002 for my Magelo, why cant I change my chars names on here? Why do I have to delete and make a NEW number if my char name is changed in EQ?

Thanks for your help

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Posted: 1/3/15, 8:46 AM

Hi Lainiea,

I believe we fixed your issue already. For clarification, if your name change ingame, Magelo Sync should detect it and udpate your character instead of creating a new profile. If this does not happen, let us know and we will look into it.

Thanks !