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Posted: 10/13/14 5:57 PM

Ok, new "high-score list" been around for a while and I figured it would become obvious in time but it makes no sense at all.

I never ranked very high due to the way I prioritize differently, but current listing shows some achievment number that seems to be bullshit? Atleast if I look at magicians on Antonius Bayle.

I see some number saying 14k for me, and top is 24k. That big difference can't just be from different priority on slots/augs it's just whacked.

The failure to include other stats in the main listing, (or the stats the summary is derived from) makes the entire list just annoying. It's like a toddler been playing with a jig-saw puzzle and the pieces (ranks) ended up where it left them.

How about you start with "Simple Rank" before you try whatever it is you currently doing?
  • HP + HP + Endurance / 3 = Melee dps classes
  • HP + Mana + Mana / 3 = Caster dps classes.

Can add "Advanced Rank" when you got the bugs fixed because I see no other explanation at hand.

Right now you have no ranking at all... atleast no ranking that lists gear to a composite value.

Since the summary value is useless, why not list HP/MANA/AC/Whatever in the main ranking page instead? I maintain the current composite value I see in above mentioned list is just incomprehensible and useless.


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Posted: 10/15/14 5:10 PM

Hi nubo,

The default landing page for the ranking has no idea of which class you wish to rank. So we have to come up with something else that stats that would be different if you were a warrior or a magician for example. There are only 2 of those, AA and achievement points. We chose to use the achievement points as it is much harder to max those.

As soon as you select a class, the new system will pre fill the filters so that the class ranking is using stats such as HP Mana etc.. to rank your class. Just launch the ranking and you are done.
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Posted: 11/14/14 1:35 PM

Ok, it took a long time to answer. And the reason is, the ranking system was so stupid I basically was in shock for a couple of weeks. I w<nted to be honest but in the same way I couldnt find a way to say it without sounding hurtful and didnt want that.

Background: Since the introduction of this game 15 years ago the common denominator has been HitPoints. 90% of every little piece of gear and spell/AA upgrade has either improved your ability to reduce opponent HP-bar or protect your own.

Early years Magelo would rank everyone by HP. EQplayers wanted to be different and used either HP or Mana or AC but still a single stat to keep it simple. (A very few players like me want to waste their lives doing more complicated comparisons.)

Only someone who doesnt play the game would use achievment scores because they are irrelevant in all possible ways. They were added, much like the appearance ornamaments, as a novelty in one of the 21 expansions, and much like ornaments they linger around without any real relevance except for flair.

This will kill Magelo rankings, because you loose the relevance to the players. I repeat, you kill Magelo RANKING as something players can talk about with each other. Nobody is going to argue how well someone may perforn in group based on his achievment ranking, but Magelo ranking was a good baseline to get the other up to date with someones gear-status.

The rule to success (besides keeping it cheap) is to keep it Simple Stupid.

A lot of people out there, are NOT gonna spend a shitload of little clicks and choices in order to see some ranking and then use that in conversation.
There must be a 100% default way to get a relevant number I can use in discussion with others, or I dont have anything to discuss (as far as magelo ranking goes).
When I go to a website and click rankings, I must be sure that everyone I talk to about Magelo can see the same default ranking or Magelo Ranking has no relevance whatsoever if it instead becomes a discussion on what parameters to use.

When Magelo has no default ranking method, and is never discussed among players, Magelo will loose the ranking-service and 90% why the customers come here in the first place.

Again - If nobody uses magelo ranking, because the default way is irrelevant, people will stop using Magelo. If normal conversation "check ranking" is replaced with "if you select blablabla bla bla and bla bla and weight blabla" nobody is gonna be arsed.

Basically achievment ranking is useless, and you MUST NOT force the players to fiddle with a lot of clicks and selections before they can see that ranking number that "people talk about".

If you force users to do more work, a lot of users will simply go away. They not interested in you handing the work of ranking over to them. They want you to do it. And they want the numbers to be relevant to what the game is about. They want to be able to discuss it as a number anyone with a simple click or two can see for themself.

If you fail a default relevant simple number, that the community find useful, the entire Magelo site will stop being useful for everyone who wants to use a reference like "magelo ranking" has been.