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Posted: 11/2/14, 3:39 AM

My eyes strain to read white text on a light blue background (i.e. links). It would be nice to be able to specify custom colours for links, backgrounds, window colour, etc. (or choose from a selection of themes). If this is available, I haven't found it.

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Posted: 11/19/14, 3:12 AM

As it is now, the website cannot be customize. Sorry!
Did you try on different browsers? I found the website more easy to read on FireFox than Chrome or IE but it depends also of your screen. You can adjust the brightness and increase the size of the text.
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Posted: 11/19/14, 6:51 PM

Yeah I know exactly what you mean. Latest trend among web developers (or is it their automated software?) is to make low-contrast crap and here on magelo forum we find in one of the CSS used:


Who designed that code and that choice of colors? I don't know but I know enough that your screen and the color-temperature should be calibrated after the light in the room and not because some web designer has a weirdo monitor and thinks low-contrast looks "smooth".

If you using Firefox you can install NoSquint

It can store changes in text size, background, foreground, and all sorts of useful stuff. Overriding most bad settings and you can even end up with white text on black background. What is proven to be the best (least streneous) for your eyes if you want to keep them working for many years.

Your mileage my vary with embedded images, partially transparent and stuff like that but custom settings can be stored on a site by site basis.