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Posted: 11/6/15 1:08 AM

I noticed with max equipment aa's everything possible, my base ac reported correctly by magelo yet still off by alot from other toons.

The only thing I can think of is that in the last month or 2 they added base ac bonuses for classes or somehow certain toons who already had some things completed aren't getting base ac values for them ingame. Just take a look on cazic-zippzap or the top 10 warrior rankings, all of the non gnome base ac values are around 2200 one is 2300 and then the gnome with the best augs gear etc has 1867 base ac.

Magelo is reporting this correctly however if you have 2 toons reported by magelo to have the same gear and augs, yet the base ac values are different then what?

zippzap > http://eq.magelo.com/profile/3438308
dredger > http://eq.magelo.com/profile/3406331

Equipment is the same, augs the same, progression all done, yet notice the ac values are different ?

How is base ac even measured? With max everything I took off all my gear, and food and drink and have 1844 base ac not the 1867 base ac reported. With food and drink I have 2086 base ac, which is correct? and if so why would the value differ than with what magelo grabbed? Btw all tribute was off and all auras and buffs were removed.

EDIT FIX **I was told recently that the fix for this is to click my prismatic ward and it should increase my base ac, I did this and my base ac with nothing no food/drink went up to 2290 and this number is around what it should be. So hopefully this is the fix for those accounts with base ac values that are off such as kunon's problem I noticed in the bug section.

The question now is how would I update this for magelo without being premium and using sync? magelo isn't supposed to gobble up the shadow buffs even if they aren't displayed in your buffs window. Or is it we just can't update that part manually?

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Posted: 12/8/15 11:57 PM

Hi walkera30,

I have edited your post a bit so that it becomes a little bit more digest

So just to clarify for any other people who would read that topic, prismatic ward is an Alternate Ability and as such any effect it has will be counted toward your base stats.

AA are not Buff, you cannot dispel them, they stay when you die, they are integral part of your character.

To update your AAs, you simply need to sync your character with Magelo Sync and you do not need to be premium for that.

Hope it clarifies the situation.