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Posted: 11/21/15 8:13 PM

hello while i started playing EQ in 1999 i had to stop in 2012 because an accident broke my back broke my neck and crushed my legs and i had to have brain surgery.

in december when i get the computers all back set up i will be returning to EQ and to the server ZEK the guild i was in was pandemonium and i am reaching out to anyone from that guild or even ascending dawn so that i can talk and get to know the game again.

yes my warrior and my shadow knight will have to grind EXP to get to lvl 85 and raid ready but with everything i am up to the task.

and yes with all i have been going through i am down for some PVP lol.

so please anyone post some links and give me some advice in getting back into the game.

i remember when leveling to 50 took a very long time lol i miss it
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Posted: 11/22/15 10:10 AM

Not from the server or guilds you mentioned, but hopefully this helps...

Sorry to hear about that accident and all that. Sounds like a nightmare. Glad that you were able to make a recovery.