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Posted: 2/3/07, 11:28 AM

I open Magelo as normal as if I am going to do a Sync then shrink it into my taskbar but it doesnt seem to upload any info.

I normally use it when farming mobs for Tradeskill drops to give myself an idea of drop frequency.

Any thoughts?


I do have Norton Internet Security running also could this stop the uploading / sniffing ??

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Posted: 2/3/07, 11:37 AM

you will probobly need ato put a log file here so they can help
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Posted: 8/7/07, 6:55 AM

I've never used the item collector and was thinking about it recently. To use this, do I just open the Magelo client and keep it minimized? Or is it a different program that needs downloaded?

Tilluan AB
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Posted: 8/10/07, 10:46 AM

To use the item collector just keep the Magelo client running minimized. The items will be reported to Magelo when updating your character's data.

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Posted: 8/31/07, 12:01 AM

Do I have to be the looter or does it work if someone else in the group loots? (does it update from the text or the stuff that passed through the cursor)?

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Posted: 8/31/07, 5:14 AM

It checks the data in the loot window. If someone else opens it, it will not be registered. The fact is that the loot in the loot window is attached to the corpse ID, to prevent duplicate submissions when multiple people running Magelo Update view the loot on the corpse.
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Posted: 8/31/07, 5:20 AM

Cool, thank you.