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Posted: 7/2/16 3:12 PM

Would it be possible to provide some way to filter and sort items with a specific effect? My thought in particular is based in this: You can search for a specific spell like Enduring Breath and it will have a list of items which it is included on. I would like to be able to filter that list of items so that it will only show those that can be used by say a level 46 warrior, or a level 80 monk, or a level 59 gnome rogue.

I know that including all possible effects in the item search might be a bit much but figured that adding a filter on the spell page instead might be more realistic.

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Posted: 7/2/16 7:44 PM

Hi Kaliaila,

Thanks for your feedback, it's something that was on my todo for quite sometime now and it's something I really would like to do. I have a few other smaller items that I should address first but this one will be worked on right after.