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Posted: 6/5/07 4:25 PM

Where do you post to have fake non-premium profiles removed from the rankings?

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Posted: 6/5/07 8:00 PM

Which profiles are you referring to, and why do you consider them fake? Can you provide link(s ) and an explanation?
Frango Mint
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Posted: 6/12/07 11:21 AM

One example I have seen is profile 1359901, showing that he/she has learned the Tinkering Mastery AA's to put him/her at the top of the Cleric AA list, when they are actually a High Elf 8)
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Posted: 11/3/07 6:59 PM

I think a system for reporting suspected fake profiles would be a good idea. There are several profiles on Al'Kabor that are listed as being above lvl 65. This is our highest level; we have none above lvl 65.
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Posted: 12/31/07 1:35 PM


90% of the augs on this one are the same and lore, i thought at one point you guys would allow lore items in multiple spots?
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Posted: 1/2/08 12:33 AM

He sure likes the Black gemstone of pain, lol.

Its not really a fake issue, sounds like that specific aug needs to be corrected in the database.

Moklianne -Magelo

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Posted: 1/13/08 6:53 AM

Gonna look into this asap.
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Posted: 1/15/08 6:39 PM


No real solid proof, But if his guild still raids it isnt anywhere near the level of his gear, and there is only one guild on our server that could get him his sword and he isnt in that guild, and i dont think they would let it go to a non guild even if he did tag along.
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Posted: 1/18/08 6:26 PM

could be a server transfer