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Register: 2/9/03
Posted: 7/22/07, 7:12 AM

Whats the point paying for Magelo premium when it takes so damn long to patch it each time there's an EQ patch? Why pay for something you can't use for weeks at a time after each EQ patch? I won't be renewing my premium subs when the current one expires, its a total waste of money. EQ is patched every few weeks, and it takes Magelo a few weeks to catch up, meaning the premium service just isn't working for a lot of the time.

Get your act together guys - if people are paying for a service, then Magelo should be patched and working again in no more than a few days after an EQ patch. Anything more is ripping off your paying customers.
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Register: 4/26/03
Posted: 7/22/07, 10:07 AM

Stop your damn bitching .... I have been a premium member for 5 years now and other than major updates to AA's, new expansion, or major screw up by SOE, Magelo has been patch within days of an EQ patch. Is this update taking long? Yes, but considering the mess up SOE did with AA window and Item window, two components that Magelo is used for by most people, I expected a delay.

If you dislike it so much go back to paying for EQ Players ... now let me know the worth of your money spent and how well the system performs. You have spent less per month on this service than you have for one cup of coffee at Starbucks, what do you expect? They will provide the update once they figure out how SOE messed things up.

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Posted: 7/24/07, 9:41 AM

It didnt take them 2+ weeks to patch the AA window/item window. It took them 2+ weeks to do that PLUS all the other crap they decided to delay the patch to include.

Add on top of that the time its going to take them to fix the bug people are now having with not being able to bring up toons to synch.

Edit: Forgot to say, add the patch for tomorrow from SOE which is again fixing AA stuff, and you will be looking at closer to 2 months downtime from Magelo.


I've also been a paying customer for awhile, and no longer feel the need to pay them for excessive downtime to add eye-candy when people just want the basic version up & running so they can actually use it.

Now I can buy that cup of coffee I've been going without~
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Posted: 7/25/07, 10:19 AM

I agree i have been a premium member now for 1 month since resuming a subs i had 18 month's ago.

It was awesome 18 month's ago i had no gripes, but since resuming it has NOT worked at all i have had a myriad of problems and furthest i got was to the login server but i just get cannot connect to server and i only reached that far by spam clicking launch magelo update and i have done EVERY fix possible.
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Posted: 7/26/07, 1:08 PM

I agree, the last thing I wanted to hear is that they were working on adding eye candy when they cant keep up with the offset changes and regular changes in EQ.
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Posted: 7/26/07, 3:17 PM

The thing that bothers me the most, is that all of the AA changes were on EQ's Test server for nearly a month before it made it to the live servers. Why can't this be planned out better so that the down time to Magelo is only a day or two to adjust for the last minute changes that SOE made before pushing live?

Surely someone can at least try to keep up with the changes happening on test. The vast majority of the changes make it to live. They never let something stew on test for months and months unless it does plan on going live at some point.

Moklianne -Magelo
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Posted: 7/26/07, 3:52 PM

alot of the things that go on test server never actually reach live servers. they can't be working on things on test assuming it will happen on live. I believe they are doing the correct thing by waiting for it to come to live and then deal with the issues. i too have not been able to get things working since i re-signed up with magelo, i am hope they are resolving the issues and in due time i will finally be able to synch my char.
Krrak Kiillz
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Posted: 7/26/07, 6:57 PM

As well it's impossible to use the data from test on the live servers as the offsets are completely different to the live servers and anything written to work on test will NOT work on the live servers... you can blame SOE for the way that Test is programmed for that interesting tidbit.
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Posted: 7/29/07, 3:15 PM

It's a nice looking profile, however, if you don't pay sony for their services, you can't see what aa's someone on EQplayers has, what flags they have, you can see the stats on the weapons and gear, but not on the augs. On magelo, if you don't have premium, you can still click on someones profile and do all that.

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Posted: 8/14/07, 12:48 AM

Hi All

Was just going to subscribe, are the issues with the last patch fixed yet or should I wait? EQplayers is only listing 7 characters so I cant get my toon ranked there, was hoping to give this a shot...

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Posted: 8/14/07, 9:11 PM

Looks like it's been fixed until the next patch, hopefully won't be another big one for a while. Let the guys here get a break.