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Posted: 8/6/07, 5:21 AM

I cant seem to get Magelo to update my account. I have done everything mentioned as a cure for the problem, yet Magelo still tells me that EverQuest has been recently updated and Magelo will be patched soon. Please help me.
Aader Boxxe
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Posted: 8/11/07, 1:44 PM

Same here, please help...

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Posted: 8/11/07, 8:11 PM

A common Vista issue seems to be the rights with which the program is executed. It should be the same as EverQuest itself, which if I am right is as Administrator. You can set administrator rights under Vista by right-clicking the Magelo Update icon and selecting "Properties" in the menu that appears. Select the "compatability" tab and checkmark the option to run the program as an administrator.
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Posted: 8/17/07, 3:04 PM

I was finally able to update my profile as an administrator. The way I had to do it was to open a new instance of Internet Explorer, using the run as administrator on that particular instance of IE. Once I navigated to Magelo using an administrator run IE, magelo updater was able to function. Hope this helps others with similar issues