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Posted: 8/16/07, 2:49 PM

I was wondering if you guys were going to wait until LoN was officially done being beta-tested or whatever they are calling it, before putting out the newest Magelo? No telling how many patches will be coming out before the cardgame is ready to go.
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Posted: 8/16/07, 7:30 PM

LoN shouldn't affect Magelo much. It seems to be essentially a separate app that just appears to be running "within" EQ and EQ2.

Yaxa Brightmoon
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Posted: 8/16/07, 10:20 PM

Eqgame.exe did get patched to incorporate it though, so Magelo will need to patch.

Moklianne -Magelo

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Posted: 8/17/07, 9:41 PM

And it's patched