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Posted: 9/14/16, 11:30 PM

Is it possible to list wich factions an npc belongs to?

for exemple: Freeport Militia, Highpass Guards, etc etc? And the ammount of faction we need for each stage dubious, indiferent etc?


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Posted: 10/23/16, 11:44 PM

Hi Feracitus,

This information is not on the client side, you only have your current standing for a given npc. It's not technically not feasible as we could try to observe faction adjustment when you kill an npc and that way tag a npc to a given faction.

Well even that will be difficult as there is no direct relation between you killing a npc and a faction adjustment event being received so for example, if you kill 3 npcs pretty much at the same time, there is no way to know which one triggered the faction adjustment.

So long story short, I wish but I dont think that's doable.