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Posted: 12/2/16 9:14 AM

Is there any way to add completed and missing filters for tradeskill recipe's similar to the spells and achievements tabs?

Tradeskill values over 300 or 200 for fishing now increase by the number of recipes known and alternate advancement purchase to increase the cap. While we can sit at a TS container and compare search results to online resources such as eqtraders, having a central source would be beneficial.

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Posted: 12/19/16 1:50 AM

Hi Altreal1,

That would be handy, let me check if this is something we can do. Btw, we have just added mounts/illusions and familiars.
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Posted: 12/30/16 12:05 AM

I just came to post something similar! It would be extremely valuable information with the new changes in trade skills!!
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Posted: 3/13/17 8:44 AM

Any further word on rather or not you can do this? And if so when might it be coming out?
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Posted: 6/23/17 3:29 PM

Wonderful idea, and you beat me to it. Will be a real boon and useful feature.


Hazimil Skelyd
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Posted: 7/3/21 7:27 PM

This is something of a necropost, but I cannot find this critical feature anywhere. Magelo has access to all my inventory, and all my bank space. It could be an awesome tool for tradeskill completion. There's lots of documentation out there of what recipes count towards mastery/completion of tradeskills now, so your team wouldn't necessarily need to do it all yourselves.

Build a premium feature to:

1. List missing, necessary recipes for mastery.
2. List missing, necessary recipes that you have all/some of the components for.