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Posted: 5/14/17, 11:41 AM

Greetings and well met.

Thank you Undercat for sharing your time (and buffs) with me.

We both shared an interest as to whether I would be interested in becoming a member of the guild and if we were a good fit. Unfortunately RL intruded before I could share information ablut my self.

Siffo was my very first character in EQ on the Firiona Vie server (it was a RP server and you could only have one character per account.) I first entered the world of EQ when the Kunark expansion came out. Siffo was a Halfling Rogue. I spent 21 levels in the Misty Thicket ( I had a really traumatic experience the first time I tried to go through Kithicor Forest...at night.). It wasn't just all the corpses of Quea my friend the druish princes (long story) who had left a day earlier to see more of the world....it was just down right terrifying.

My first guild was Saga, a heavy RP guild. Fun but I wanted to see more. I think it was Tribulation next where four of us formed the the Horsemen. From there it was on to Fire and Fury a hard core raiding guild.

I restarted as a Wizzy to try something new and still ended back in Fire and Fury a second time.

The Horseman moved on to EQ2 when it came out.

Since then I have played Vanguard, Rift Both Star Wars, Rift, Tera, Guild Wars 2 but I always end up back up at EQ.

I am not into drama, I enjoy RP as game play but rarely get into it for the RP it self (I am RP lite).

I don't do drama (maybe a little as RP if that is what the scenario is.). I am an adventurer, gear and loot is nice (As an HC raider I have had some of the best over the years) but I am more interested in going, seeing and doing things the most.

I have never trained or griefed anyone on purpose, although as part of a HC raid guild I have been part of disrupting entire zones as we moved through during raid calls. My friend Shissahop (Froglok Shammy) once managed to aggro the entire zone of Mons Letalis. I have never seen so many mobs chasing one player.

Personal info: I am male, 56 years old (yes I am ancient for a gamer), I live in SoCal with my wife, daughter and two and half dogs. Penn and Teller are dogs, the jury is still out on Mazzy. I have an odd work schedule. I work 12 hour rotating shifts, three days on three days off and it swaps from days and nights every ten weeks. Makes it hard to arrange regular groups.

There is a lot more but that should give you a general idea.
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Posted: 5/15/17, 9:51 AM

Bleh wrong place.

You can't get there from here.

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Posted: 5/23/17, 11:53 PM

Hi SIffo,

Do you want me to move your message ?