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Posted: 5/27/17 6:08 PM


First, is data kept on characters whose magelo profiles have been deleted?
Second, is it possible to view that data?

Background: I had a beastlord long ago. It's likely that I had the Magelo program sync his gear profile. I would like to know if, when I deleted him, he had a certain item. I know... "What does it matter?", right? I know. It sounds crazy, but a recent patch made it so the throwing skill is hastened by "bandolier" containers. There is only one non-temporary bandolier in game and I could swear I possessed this item at some point, but it's not on any of my characters. I think it was on a deleted character. There's nothing from me to gain from knowing, but still, I must know if I'm remembering correctly, or if I've completely lost it.

If it's possible to look up that data, let me know. My sanity would be ever-grateful.