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Posted: 11/11/07 8:35 PM

I am Guild Leader of Norrathian Collective but I do not know how to get my Guild Bank to show up in the guild tools section


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Posted: 11/11/07 8:37 PM

Hi, the guild bank is the items coming from characters tagged as "Guild Mule".
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Posted: 11/18/07 3:47 PM

You may want to consider re-labeling this "Guild Mules", since the game now contains a real guild bank in the guild hall I think many will be confused by this.

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Posted: 12/4/07 3:02 AM

My guild uses the Guild bank to its fullest extent, however with the new culture tradeskill revamp, there's a lot of stuff to store as hand-offs for tradeskills. What we've done is take the less-likely to be used stuff (mechanotablets, spells, etc) and put them on a mule to free up space for high-volume, high-turn-overitems in the guild bank.

For us, the Magelo listing of the guild mule is a godsend.