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Posted: 8/20/17 9:31 PM

Magelo Support,

Hello. I wrote the below email on August 13th and thought that since I have not received a reply I would email again.

Would it be possible please to get some assistance on this?

Aug 13 at 9:13 PM

Hello. I have a couple of problems I am hoping you can help me with.

1. I have a user account on Magelo (for Everquest) with the character "Asedai". I have been auto logged in so I have had no problem getting on and updating my gear etc manually. I decided that I would try the Premium account and paid via Paypal Order number : 128335. I want to change my password but I can't because it wants me to enter my current password and I don't remember what it is.

Can you please help me recover or change my password?

2. Additionally, I also got the Premium subscription and want to add another of my character accounts to Magelo but I do not see where I would do this. Can you provide me with the directions to do that please?

3. Lastly when I was trying to figure out how I add my other character...I clicked on

"Available game slots : 3 / 3" It said I could only do it once but I thought it was so I could sync another account with my premium Magelo account. I said yes....but then saw nothing that says or gives me directions on how to add another character. I have no idea what the available game slots" is....can you tell me? LOL

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Posted: 8/23/17 5:53 AM


Sorry for the late feedback, let me get back to you by email.