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Posted: 11/14/07 12:09 PM

Omg, like you haven't patched magelo yet? Why is it taking so long, I pay my large amount of money every year for this????!!!

Seriously though, thanks for maintaining magelo (far better than EQ Players!) and we know you will have it up in good time.

Tilluan AB
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Posted: 11/15/07 4:35 AM

Thanks too. Good job mates - far better than EQPlayers...


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Posted: 11/15/07 6:10 AM

And the good news is Magelo Update will be patched by the week-end
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Posted: 11/15/07 6:32 AM

OMG ....

No one was complaining, no one has even dared to ask for an ETA and what do you do ... you just boldly slam it in our faces.

Patience is the key!
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Posted: 11/15/07 6:25 PM

Yes, this is totally acceptable behavor!

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Posted: 11/16/07 12:15 PM

My chance to derail the thread and tell Savok that your UI absolutely rocks. Please keep up the outstanding work, sir.
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Posted: 11/16/07 9:42 PM

Magelo 4 Prez!

Daybringer Dise Bamf - Guild Leader of Conviction
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Posted: 11/18/07 1:53 PM

I would like to point out that now that magelo is an item collector and database that it would be VERY desirable to get an early patch just so that the item collector works

I could care less if it takes a month to get the profile updater working now that might not be acceptable to everyone, but i think its safe to say that we all REALLY REALLY WANT to know where the new items / spells are dropping ASAP

Keep up the great work
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Posted: 11/19/07 4:51 AM

I'm actually with Jofowup on that

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Posted: 11/19/07 6:37 AM

Totally agree also, the website and magelo update will be patched by Wednesday, i will post the a more precise timeframe as soon as i have it !
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Posted: 11/19/07 1:40 PM

I believe there's a patch tomorrow. Just a reminder.


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Posted: 11/19/07 4:21 PM

Yes tomorrow's patch has been taken into consideration. The big items (levels, AA's, skill caps, stat caps) won't be changing tomorrow so they won't have to start from scratch.

Judging by what the Devs have said they have fixed on the SOE forum tomorrow's patch will only affect some items and spells, and zone and NPC files.

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Posted: 11/20/07 7:25 AM

Thank you for the ipdate on when the MU will be fixed.

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Posted: 11/20/07 1:43 PM

I know that whenever EQ does a major update or something like that then Magelo needs to be updated as well and normally won't work until its been patched but something I never have figured out was how do I patch magelo after all this is done? Am I just being wierd and not finding it somewhere? I click on Magelo Update link then hit the Launch Magelo Update link and all I ever get is a "Unable to Launch Application." Was just wandering if I was doing something wrong. Thanks and I think this is a wanderful program.

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Posted: 11/20/07 3:49 PM

To patch the Magelo Updater you just need to run it, it will automatically patch to the newest version available on the server. If your desktop shortcut isn't working after a MU patch (Unable to Launch Application), uninstalling and reinstalling usually corrects it. I know that I have to reinstall pretty much every patch.