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Posted: 11/20/07 11:47 AM

      • Items ***
  • Fixed the missing tribute on drakkin cultural armor.
  • Removed the tradeskill flag from the armor templates and cultural drops that are not currently being used.
  • Increased the stacking ability of the armor template drops.
  • Several tradable tradeskill augments are now attunable.
  • Several Secrets of Faydwer quest clickies had reuse delays that locked out other effects. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with spell research items not dropping in game.
  • Fixed the stacking on the new cut gems for jewelry making that were not stacking at all.
  • Made the new enchant spells and abilities tradable.

      • Quests & Events ***
  • Bristlebum will now collect the items he asks for in the task 'I Can Fly'.
  • The Moondancer Pendant used in the quest 'the departed' no longer has a cast time. It will also no longer trigger other item click timers.
  • The attackers in the Hollowshade Moor War will no longer get lost on the way to their target.

      • Spells ***
  • Casting an LoN familiar while targeting something will no longer fail and display "Your target does not meet the spell requirements."
  • Standardized the cast time, recast time, duration, and spell slot usage of pet haste spells.

      • NPC ***
  • The brother and sister Eric Rasumus and Sansus Rasumus have set up shop in Plane of Knowledge and sell spell research equipment.

      • Tradeskills ***
  • Alchemy Merchants that carry some of the other vials now carry the new alchemy vials.
  • Pottery Merchants that carried the other Delicate Throwing Things books now carry another book for throwing bottles.
  • The Sublime Books will now be able to be made into patterns. Sorry for the error that prevented them from working properly.
  • The Salil's Writ Page 90 can now be created in a spell research kit.
  • The spell research recipes for Mesmerization, Identify, Teleport have been modified to more properly match the systematic spell research system.

      • Abilities ***
  • Moved Harm Touch and Lay on Hands to a new timer that shouldn't conflict with any other abilities.

      • Miscellaneous ***
  • Fixed a graphics issue that caused armor to change to cloth when zoning.

  • The EverQuest Team