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Posted: 1/12/18 4:44 PM

I may be the only person who cares about this and perhaps it would be too confusing for other users, but for exceedingly rare drop rates, percent doesn't really tell the whole story. Per mill (pour mille), i.e., per thousand, is more granular. I don't know that you'd want to switch from % to ‰. But for items which drop less than one percent of the time, there is big difference between an item dropping once every 150 kills and once every 45,000 kills.

That's an extreme example, but I wanted to have the broadest sample size possible, so I used the most frequently killed NPC that I could think of: a Gloomingdeep warrior.

Apparently, one dropped a Gloomsteel Dagger just once in all Magelo's recorded 45,000+ kills.
By comparison, this NPC drops the Gloomiron Helm way more often than that, rounding out to roughly one every 150 kills.

True, you can gauge the possibility of a >1% item dropping based on a mental calculation of the ratio, but it would be convenient for me to have it put in terms of per mill. That's my suggestion, though I'd make sure that there are others who would like this idea before implementing it.