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Posted: 2/5/18 2:28 AM

I manually updated all my equipment and such and yet my total stats are off by 10 like for heroic stamina and my hp output while completely unbuffed and dont know if i am doing something wrong or something
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Posted: 2/12/18 10:43 AM

So is there gonna be a response or such or a fix that needs to be done since its bad that simple things like gear calculations are off like that
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Posted: 2/18/18 8:52 AM

I think this place is dead now. It is an amazing site if people would use it but it seems the Admins here are not even around anymore. I can not get them to respond in the Rift side.
It has everything in the games and just needs to be used by players and it would be amazing

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Posted: 2/26/18 10:40 PM

It's not dead come on...

What people don't necessarily realise and that's partly on me is that at this point, Magelo is a one man show (me) and it's not my day job either. Then RL comes into play as well as I have to give times to my wife and my 2 years old daughter.

There are definitely areas where I could improve as far as Magelo is concerned.

I am glad I was finally able to get to the root of the issue that plagued Magelo Sync last year so now it's rock solid and it works perfectly.

Next on my TODO is the stats and I will tackle those for goods starting next week.

I pushed a fix yesterday to fix the base stats with regarding one AA. So now all the base stats and resists should be spot on with the only exception of the Stamina which for some unknown reason is still off.