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Posted: 3/19/18, 12:05 PM

Going ahead and posting this here as well:

As of now, syncing on a premium account results in ALL augment slots being empty, ALL equipped gear pieces having ridiculous purity values, ALL visible armor pieces having power values as if they were power sources, and ALL inventory bags are completely empty.

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Posted: 3/19/18, 1:00 PM


I just did a sync moments ago. Every piece of gear is shoing [empty] for each and every augment slot. Also, the purity values on some of the visibles are tremendously screwy:

my breastplate shows a purity value of negative 1099260968
my feet show a purity value of positive 1648786176

Other items show Power 100% as if they were actually powersources, which they obviously are not.


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Posted: 3/20/18, 4:22 AM

The augment issue was a silly mistake on my end, the items's purity / power source was actually something that changed in the game and that I failed to spot initially.

Both issues are now fixed. Please restart Magelo Sync and sync again your characters. Thanks !