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Posted: 4/27/18 9:14 AM

Consider changes to the My Inventory function to include items on the three keyrings for Mounts, Illusions, Familiars. Items that at one time were bagged and have since been added to our keyrings are now lost from My Inventory.

Thanks Jelan !


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Posted: 7/15/18 12:45 AM

Those items are necessarily Mounts, Illusions or Familiars isnt it ? If so, the collectibles tool is probably answering your need.
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Posted: 12/12/18 10:23 PM

Although the Mounts, Familiars, and Illusions are under the collectable tools, If my keyring does not have enough slots for an item it does not show as completed. My bard does not have enough slots for all of her illusion items, so some of them are still in bags, but those items do not show as completed in the tool. Is there a way to allow your tool to look at both the Keyring and your bags?