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Posted: 10/17/18 1:44 AM

Why do game slots cost more then 2 times the amount of an account with 3? Why is there no option to just add game slots 1 at a time?

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Posted: 6/14/20 9:27 PM

Hi Anarkyx,

I am not sure I am following you here. When you go premium, you essentially unlock all of these:
  • Full sync
  • Gold seal on profile
  • Profile & Sig customization
  • 3 game accounts
  • Advanced item search
  • Inventory management across all your characters
  • Collectibles ( Spells / Disciplines, Achievements, Mounts, Familiars & Illusions) tracking tool

Then for power user who are playing with more than 3 game accounts, you can bump that limit to 10 with the extra game slots option.