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Posted: 2/9/19, 9:04 PM

So i am currently looking for the old Grey Hawke guild from back in the day... really old from around 2000. I am trying to get back into the game but i can't remember my old information too well and the old website ghguild.com doesn't exist anymore.

Is this the team from back then? if so is there any way to find whoever ran ghguild.com? finding my posts on there could prove useful to getting my account information from Daybreak. Thanks!
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Posted: 2/12/19, 9:31 PM

I don't know anything about your old guild, but have you looked for your old posts at https://web.archive.org/web//ghguild.com? It appears that the Internet Archive has archived at least some of the messages from that site, starting in December 2002.

Also, doing a quick search of Magelo and Zam, I have concluded that this is your former guild: https://eq.magelo.com/guild/rathe/Grey-Hawke. Following a server merge, the guild is now on the Rathe server. It looks like there are still some active members.

There's also a 3-year-old thread from Reddit of former Karana server players looking to reconnect.

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