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> > > Everquest has been patched - December 5, 2007

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Posted: 12/5/07, 1:33 PM

EQ was patched today. The Magelo Updater will not work until Jelan and the team have a chance to patch it for the changes made to Everquest today.

Thank you in advance for your patience while the team works on the patch.

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Posted: 12/5/07, 6:28 PM

It wasn't working properly before today's patch. Not a complaint, but I would rather see it running 100% than another partial fix. That being said, good luck with the changes and can't wait to see it up and running again. Thanks. )

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Posted: 12/6/07, 7:44 AM

SoF added alot of new stuff that takes figuring out. I would rather have it mostly working and not covering stuff like heroic stats yet. It needs to work after all to have the item collector going so we can even update stuff manually.


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Posted: 12/6/07, 12:16 PM

When SoF launched the general outcry was "at least get us the item collector" so the team pushed out the new updater before all of the AA's and new heroic stats were figured out.

Hopefully yesterdays patch didn't have to many things that affect MU and Jelan and the team can get it up pretty quickly.

They're still working on the new AA's and the Heroic stats, there is a lot of coding that goes into making those update the profiles correctly.

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Posted: 12/6/07, 3:12 PM

> When SoF launched the general outcry was "at least get us the item collector"
> so the team pushed out the new updater before all of the AA's and new heroic
> stats were figured out.

I feel partially to blame here. I posted to request the item collector.

And when MU was patched the item data was immediately useful... quickly showing drop locations for SoF spells, etc.

I would have been happy with no MU synch at all for a couple of extra days after that. Would it be hard to re-skin the UI in such situations so that the synch button is grayed and there is a nice banner (maybe in red) to say "Functionality temporarily disabled.. check website for update"

Concerning heroic stats.. not surprised this has taken a while. It's not just a question of handling and displaying the "+1" for (say) Heroic stamina.. it's a question of working out the impact on HP. That +1 boosts HP more than 1 point of normal stamina does. Ditto for +1 Heroic INT affecting mana pool, etc. And then there's also the new modifiers such as clairvoyence.

On the other hand, I think that bugs such as ID card only going up to 75 and HP boost from the studliness (umm, sturdiness) aaaxp should have been jumped on sooner.

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Posted: 12/6/07, 3:14 PM

Most of us know that you will get it done, and as soon as you can manage. Most of the people know this and don't bother posting ... the complainers on the other hand feel the need to make as much noise as possible, like yelling at a pot of water to make it boil faster.

There is one thing I did want to bring up. There is an issue with the updater that I've been having for about 3 patches now. It has nothing to do with the SoF patch that I know of, but after I log out and try to sync my toons it give me an error code that just says "null". It always updates on the second try, but I thought I'd bring this to your attn. while I was here.

Thank you guys for all the hard work and Magelo rules over EQplayers big time. My brother actually pays for EQplayers and I finally saw it for myself in all it's "glory" ... is sucks.
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Posted: 12/7/07, 10:34 AM

Ah but you see, yelling at a pot of water does in fact make it boil faster. It has to do with principles of energy transmission. You yelling creates a disturbance of the air in the form of waves of energy. These waves carry both kinetic energy and heat energy as your breath is warmer then the surrounding air. Now it would take some very precise measurements but I can assure you that the transfer of this energy does make the water boil faster, then water receiving no additional outside stimuli.

However that said, Keep up the good work on MU guys.
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Posted: 12/7/07, 5:20 PM

i have also had the null on forst attempt at sync message for quite a while now but as posted it works when i click sync the second time
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Posted: 12/7/07, 8:54 PM

I had posted this before, and the reply was that the files were unavailable so I must be zoning or something. I have sinced watched very carefully. It seems to be a 'time out' or 'disconnect' issue with the server. It has nothing to do with zoning. If you wait 'a while' and then synchronize you get null. Hitting synchronize a second time goes through even if you are zoning.

Not a major issue, just an annoyance.

Hope this helps....

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Posted: 12/18/07, 5:26 PM

Any idea onwhen/ if teh missing spells / disciplins feature will be working fro the spells/ discs post 75 ?