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Posted: 5/26/19 8:44 PM

Currently there are 4 options for this: Main, Secondary, Guild Mule, and Mule. I would suggest adding Tertiary, and Other.

I would like to be able to have just the mains of my different accounts in Main, my regularly used alts of those accounts in Secondary, the unused or rarely used alts in Tertiary, Other accounts which either might belong to others or which I don't presently use in Other, guild mules in Guild Mule, and my personal mules in Mule.

As it stands currently, Guild Mule and Mule get used as desired & intended, but my Main is filled with both my actual mains as well as my commonly used alts while secondary is overflowing with all of the rest.

On a related note, being able to customize the title for Secondary (as well as Tertiary & Other if added) would be nice.