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Register: 9/4/03
Posted: 2/16/20, 4:20 PM

I am having a problem, it seems my Magelo isn't updating I keep getting eqgame.exe changed either for this last patch but Magelo doesn't find an update.

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Register: 8/5/18
Posted: 2/16/20, 5:58 PM

Yeah, Magelo needs to be patched.
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Register: 2/12/09
Posted: 2/17/20, 7:54 AM

And how much time does it take to parch (not on the weekends)??

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Posted: 2/19/20, 8:01 AM

Usually within 2 business days at most but you have to account that I am living in a different timezone than the US so if they end up patching on Friday, it's usually already in my WE and it means I will tackle it on Monday.

This time around I somehow missed my alert on the game patching.