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Tiberinus Maximus
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Posted: 3/26/20 11:02 PM

Happening to lots of people since yesterday. Not sure if its certificate issue from yesterday or just coincidence. Check Bug forum, a few people have posted logs.
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Posted: 3/27/20 6:36 AM

Yep all in my play group that use Magelo, have the same error.
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Posted: 3/27/20 8:20 PM

Same, can't update char, says cant find Null
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Posted: 3/28/20 1:42 AM

Seeing the same thing here

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Posted: 3/28/20 12:40 PM

Same here, as of 3/28 it is still an ongoing issue with my main account. Companion account syncs just fine.. ??? So, I tried syncing my main account on the 2ndary pc since it worked for my comp.. SAME null issue. Assuming the issues are account specific and not computer related (on my end at least).
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Posted: 3/28/20 1:55 PM

I thought it might be the usual Java issue, checked for updates, nada.

Being patient

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Posted: 3/28/20 7:11 PM

Thanks for the reports, I am looking into this.
I will lock this topic to consolidate the conversation in this one: https://eq.magelo.com/forum/messages.jspa?topic=33192.

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Posted: 3/29/20 12:07 PM

I am unsure what happened to the previous thread.
Use this one: https://eq.magelo.com/forum/messages.jspa?topic=33191

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