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> > > I have Premium And magelo wont sync Been awhile

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Posted: 5/25/20 7:41 PM

Yes Hello I have premium and Magelo will not sync . I was really waiting for an update but it didn't come so i uninstalled and tried again and same problem I have had this problem for awhile and I just got this premium this month just need it fixed pls and ty. I only have 1 account I play with

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Posted: 5/25/20 9:28 PM

Hey Dreadrought. As explained in /gu, Jelan generally updates Magelo 3-5 days after patch day, and will typically compensate premium members with additional time added to their account. Just be patient, I am super ancy as well. =-)

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Posted: 5/27/20 6:31 AM

Patched yesterday and fixed the sync issue today, things should just work now.