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Posted: 6/16/20 12:22 PM

I bought premium on May 24 (Order number : 134973) and checked that my card was successfully charged, but premium is not yet activated on my account. I also sent a support ticket in over the weekend but didn't receive any automated email back so I don't know if that reached anyone, so I thought I'd post here.

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Posted: 6/17/20 2:42 AM

Hi jfwstout,

Sorry about this and I am shocked to see that I could indeed see the transaction on Stripe but there is not a single trace of that order id in our system which in theory is impossible...

I will investigate this further but for the time being, I have refunded this transaction and you should see the fund on your card within 1-3 days.

Please give it another try, I believe it should work this time around.