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Posted: 6/23/20 9:01 PM

Looking at magician rankings, max AA in game is 46750 assigned. The top 7 by AA are over this number somehow and all are sync'd well after all the AA consolidations.

Also being well end-raid geared and comparing to the top rankers by standard filters, somehow come short in all stats (HP, Mana, Mana+, H.Int, and S Dmg). Most glaringly under by about 26k mana compared to the top ranker. With a difference of approx. 850 H.Int, common wisdom seems to dictate that would add about 15k-18k mana. Leaving 10k mana difference spread across 20 slots thats 500 mana per slot down, and I am wondering if/how that's possible when a lot of the slots match.

Don't have any other ranked classes to tell if this is something across the board.
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Posted: 6/24/20 7:29 AM

Besides the gear, did you check on the augs, or the purity/power source, or even stat food/drink ??
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Posted: 6/24/20 6:13 PM

I use (and set in profile) Velious Surf and Turf Stew and Blood of Velious. I use Velium Convoker Source in my set.

I didn't make a spreadsheet, but looked over the augs and generally saw a lot of the ones I was using. I have gotten all highest SD augs with either H-Sta or H-Int, and highest SD gear with a primary to H-Sta and a secondary to H-Int. Augs include 7/8 and 18/19.

I am still 200 SD and 1k HP under. Going for H-Sta primary I understand that based on Mana/SD rankings I won't be tops, but I would think I would be top SD and HP. If my choices have hindered (some of) my stats so be it, but I would not have expected it by as big a margin across every stat on the board.

Or the gear stats have nothing to do it and whatever AAs over 46750 that somehow seem to still be syncing are throwing off those players stats. If the AAs get fixed can check again to see if the margin is more what would be expected/

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Posted: 6/27/20 5:29 PM

Did you select the stat food/drink in the edit gear section?

Go to your character list and click Edit under your character to check.
Click the Main profile.
Choose the food/drink under your gear in the lower section.

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Posted: 6/27/20 5:41 PM

Mage max AA is 46750. I have maxed SD augs with H-Int and H-Sta, I have maxed gear with SD and H-Sta, I have ToV food/drink and power source, I have Magelo subscription. I am short in all stats in the rankings across the board which I don't know how that can happen, I should likely be top in SD and/or HP. If its not a gear issue (its probably not gear as I've maxed out yet still short in stats), then its more likely the AA sync thats highlighted below. I just wanted to point out that it's not complaining about being low in rankings or because it was of my gear state. Something is causing AAs to overstate, which may be adding in additional stats that aren't there.