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Posted: 7/7/20 3:11 PM

Its nice when you look at an NPCs page that you see a map with blue dots for the NPC locations. What it doesn't do is tell you the frequency that an NPC is at any of those locations. Some of these blue dots plotted on the map are misleading as I think that some at least represent where a mob may have been pulled to.

Illustration of this point. A corrupted Hivemistress in Mons Letalis. https://eq.magelo.com/npc/32743 I know that this is a static spawn at the most southerly marked blue dot on the map. The most northern point is my favourite pull spot for this mob.

If there is a counter associated with position in the database in the same way that there is for the loot table, the following suggestion should be easy:

Where 50% or more of the recorded positions are the same spot, colour that spot green (as most likely place to find the NPC). Where the count is between 5% and 50% colour the spot yellow (OK chance to find the NPC), and where the position is seen less than 5% colour the spot red (unlikely to find the NPC there).

A nice further touch would be when you hover the mouse over the position, that you include on the pop up window the percentage of times that the NPC was seen at that location.
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Posted: 7/7/20 7:09 PM

I believe the sync can only pull loc where a mob was killed, not where it popped or where it was pulled from. This suggestion would help clear up maps where there's a large cluster of dots, but at best would still only be able to show the position it was killed at 50% of the time.