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Posted: 1/9/21 5:50 PM

Not sure why but occasionally the links will have "cdn" added to the url which of course breaks.
For example the link for Field Commander Obitkan on the Toskirakk page points to " https://eq.magelocdn.com/npc/420423" instead of " https://eq.magelo.com/npc/420423".

There are a good number of warnings and errors in the console, one that stands out is:

Loading failed for the <script> with source “ https://eq.magelocdn.com/tooltip.json?callback=jsonp_creature_420423_en&creature=420423”.


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Posted: 1/14/21 2:37 PM

Hi Atlane,

Jelan will have to speak directly to anything he knows about "cdn" being added into the website URL, but, how are you acquiring the links? I have not seen this before.

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Posted: 1/17/21 4:17 PM

Hi Eleena,

Yes a bit more context would be useful. Where are the links coming from ? Do you see them on a page, is it using the auto completion on the forum ?

Thanks in advance.