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Posted: 9/26/21, 6:35 AM

Alter the automated ranking per class based on actual values used in game, vs the current argument for "magelo padding"

aka sort all mellee DPS by HDex, and not by HPs.


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Posted: 9/30/21, 2:17 PM

The "default" rankings were designed a really long time ago. You can change the values however you like. For example, the argument over hSta vs hDex for Knights can go either way, so there is no hard consensus which would be the preferred method.

I recommend just sorting it however you like, because everyone's opinion is going to vary, especially when you throw in TLP servers before there are heroic stats introduced on gear.

PS - there was discussion regarding this not too long ago: https://eq.magelo.com/forum/messages.jspa?topic=33012

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Posted: 1/4/22, 1:21 PM

Be that as it may - melee should be Hdex across the board. and besides you have ppl thinking HP is the way to go as a dpser