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Posted: 9/29/21, 10:48 PM

the patcher was unable to download a required file (/sync/launcher/18/sync.launch?18.1632969002756)

Have been repeatedly getting this response. I have downloaded and installed and then uninstalled both Java and Magelo Sync multiple times. I posted before and got no response. I would like my money back if I cannot get an answer to this. Thank you.

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Posted: 11/22/21, 3:29 AM

Sorry for the delay getting back to you gentsia, the full url is https://www.magelocdn.com/sync/launcher/18/sync.launch?18.1632969002756

Can you check that you can actually access it from your browser ? It works just fine on my side. This is usually a sign that you have a firewall or something that is blocking Magelo Sync to access internet.