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April 20, 2022

  • Added two more missions for the 23rd Anniversary. See Quests & Events for details.
  • Replay timers will now apply their full duration upon completion of their associated task/quest.
  • Removed the need for and distinction between magical and non-magical weapons.
  • All NPCs have had their 'body type' reviewed and potentially adjusted. See NPCs for details.
  • Many new achievements have been added for quests belonging to each of the original starting cities on Norrath! See Quests & Events for details.

  • Processing Gizmo, Oiled Cog, and Flickering Finkenheimer are all now flagged as Quest items.
  • Choker of Entropy has had its AC adjusted to be more inline with intentions.
  • Honed Wurmslayer and Invested Honed Wurmslayer will no longer apply their effect on players under the required level of the item (currently 105).
  • Tidal Force and Eclipsed Light armor ornaments will now show correctly when equipped on Frogloks.
  • Blessed Akhevan Shadow Shears can now be converted to a version without stats and is useable by all classes and races. This is so anyone can take advantage of the tailoring skill mod.
  • Magmatic Sessiloid Saddle size when placed in a housing plot will now better match other Sessiloid sizes.
  • Removed the concept of Recommended Skill on equipment and added equivalent Recommended Levels to the following items: Gauntlets of the Blood Fiend, Girdle of Magnificence, Helm of the Vampyric Traitor, Jezekiell's Fervent Blade, and Katta Staff of Peace.
  • Altered the statistics on swarm pets summoned by Vicious Rabbit, Flute of the Dead, Burned Rabbit Foot, Vander's Bane, Rune of Tallon (both items), Spiked Scale Whip, and Invested Spiked Scale Whip. These changes reduce the health and DPS of these swarm pets.
  • Removed the need for and distinction between magical and non-magical weapons.

Quests & Events
  • Many new achievements have been added for quests belonging to each of the original starting cities on Norrath!
    • You can find these achievements under The Hero's Journey >> Quests.
  • Close the Gate (Raid) * When Pli Liako dies, his aura will despawn. Also, fixed issues with the messaging about nightmares from Kratakel, Lord Misery.
  • The Masked Invaders (Raid) * raid in Underfoot will no longer spawn a chest before the raid starts.
  • Mad Emperor (Raid) * Corrected issue that caused the event lockout to be triggered on the death of any NPC rather than the chest.
  • Mad Emperor (Raid) * Credit should now be given for completing the Everything For Last achievement.
  • Added the 23rd Anniversary mission Risky Rat Rescue, given by Drifter Minki in The Nexus.
  • Added the 23rd Anniversary mission Whispers in the Dark, given by Spiritist Nathra in Shar Vahl.
  • Primal Vampire (Raid) * The Boiling Bloodrage effect will be removed on success and reset. This might help with occasional UI interactions that can be caused by charm.
  • Aten Ha Ra (Raid) * Updated the raid basepop so they they can now drop the luck augment.
  • Ostorm in the Temple of Solusek Ro now has a different method for allowing you to reset your specializations. It no longer requires the use of a ruby and will let you choose values to preserve for your primary, secondary, and tertiary specializations.
  • Tasks with a replay timer between one and six hours have had their replay timer reduced by 20%.
  • Replay timers will now apply their full duration upon completion of their associated task/quest.

  • Necromancer * Increased the maximum level focus limiter on Flesh to Venom from 115 to 120.
  • Necromancer * Chaotic Power X (used by Proclamation for Blood) now has no maximum level cap on its effectiveness and is slightly more powerful.
  • Ranger * Strength of the Dusksage Stalker should no longer overwrite Protection of the Valley and vice versa. Each will once again prevent the other from landing. This should be true for all spells in the line.
  • Paladin * Increased the damage and mana cost of Doctrine of Annulment.
  • Shaman * The Responsive Spirit and Attentive Spirit buffs' healing ability will now work if the caster is sitting or ducking when the conditions are met to cast it.
  • Shadowknight * Remorselessness now focuses lifetap spells up to level 120.
  • Enchanter * Fixed several errors in the descriptions for Subjugate and later spells in that line.
  • Corrected an issue with effects (such as Restless Ice) not being removed when respawning to bind.
  • Made the following changes to specialization skills:
    • Corrected an issue where the difference in specialization skills slowly disappeared starting with level 91, having been completely eliminated by level 120.
    • Once a player is above level 40, their secondary specialization skill cap (from Secondary Forte) will be set to 50 skill points below the primary cap, while tertiary specializations are 100 points below the primary skill cap. This should smooth the difference in skill values from level 40 to 120.
    • Characters over level 90 who had high third, fourth, and fifth specialization skills have had those skills updated to be below the tertiary cap. You will have to intentionally improve your specialization skill again. See Ostorm in the Temple of Solusek Ro to reorder your skills.

  • Raid bosses and rare NPCs are universally no longer susceptible to begging or pick pocket.
  • All NPCs have had their 'body type' reviewed and potentially adjusted:
    • Removed the distinction between summoned elementals and other constructs, insects and other animals, lycanthropes and other humanoids, vampires and other undead, distinguished figures of the Ring of Scale or the Claws of Veeshan and other dragons, and distinguished figures of Kael Drakkel and other giants.
    • Creatures now uniformly belong to one of the following categories:
    • * Special damage targets * Greater Akheva, Draz Nurakk, and Zek.
    • * Animals * Non-magical living organisms, not plants, not quite humanoids.
    • * Construct/Elemental * Conjured, Elemental, or animated matter, including Clockworks.
    • * Dragons * Draconic creatures (Dragons, Drakes, Wurms, Wyverns). Excludes dinosaurs and Drakkin.
    • * Extraplanar * Death-Touching creature, typically the Avatar of a God.
    • * Giants * Large bipedal creatures descended from the creations of Rallos Zek.
    • * Humanoids * Living non-magical sentient bipedal organisms.
    • * Magical * Magical creatures and anything that does not fit into another category.
    • * Plants * Potentially sentient living photosynthetic or fungus-based non-animal organism.
    • * Undead * Deceased souls, optionally corporeal, distinct from animist spirits and other magical beings.

Progression Servers
  • Omens of War will open June 1st instead of May 25th on Mischief and Thornblade.
  • Prophecy of Ro will open June 1st instead of May 25th on Aradune and Rizlona.
  • Removed the auto AFK kick from Thornblade.
  • Out of combat regeneration will now be available when Gates of Discord is unlocked.

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent new zone instances from properly starting, which will reduce the load on zone servers.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent auras from detecting players, this will resolve issues where players are sometimes unable to enter The Mechamatic Guardian, Caverns of Endless Song, or activate their Guild Hall Portal.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented mounted vendors from properly being hidden when hide traders and barterers is set. Pets of hidden vendors will now be hidden as well.
  • Potentially fixed a client crash that could occur when processing buffs in raids.
  • Fixed an issue where pet illusion items would not properly summon the familiar when targeting another player.
  • Added a message when an NPC is successfully disarmed.
  • Successfully disarming an NPC will now move that weapon into the NPC's inventory rather than dropping the item on the ground.
  • Pick pocketing items from NPCs is now restricted to items that cannot be worn rather than items that were non-magical.
  • Added messaging when a rogue uses the pick pocketing skill.

  • Updated pet window to use a single template for buffs.
  • Added a chat message when your pet's spells are resisted. The message uses the Pet Spells chat filter and is only visible to the pet's owner.
  • The Fellowship Window will now display the correct last online time for leaders.
  • Added parcels to the Find Item window.
  • Added a 'Clear Tab Text' option to the chat window context menu (right click menu) as a shortcut for /clearchat.
  • Changed - EQUI_AdvancedDisplayOptionsWnd.xml EQUI_PetInfoWindow.xml EQUI_Templates.xml

* The EverQuest Team

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Replacing soundassets.txt
Replacing lavastorm_chr.txt
Replacing licenses.txt
Replacing southro_chr.txt
Replacing maiden_chr.txt
Replacing natimbi_chr.txt
Patching spells_us_str.txt
Patching OptionsEditor.exe
Creating sr2.eqg
Patching spells_us.txt
Replacing sseru_chr.txt
Replacing thegrey_chr.txt
Creating swl.eqg
Replacing trakanon_chr.txt
Replacing twilight_chr.txt
Replacing umbral_chr.txt
Replacing wakening_chr.txt
Replacing westwastes_chr.txt
Finished downloading 104,790,965 bytes in 9.051 seconds (11,577,832 bytes per second)
Saved 14,142,030 bytes with delta patches

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Posted: 4/23/22 3:03 PM

Any ideas when Magelo Sync will work again?
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Posted: 4/24/22 1:46 AM

Ya, wondered the same.
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Posted: 4/24/22 8:12 PM

Also wondering this. =X

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We have another downtime / emergency patch situation today.

April 25, 2022


Quests & Events
  • Ikkinz (Raid Event) - Fixed Stalwart Defender being immune to pick pocket.

  • Corrected an issue that caused some disciplines to be unusable after zoning.
  • Corrected an issue where specialization skills would reset when you zoned at lower levels.

  • The Shades of Luclin have had their ability to see through invisibility reduced in cases where the change to undead body types created unintentionally hostile environments.

- The EverQuest Team

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Posted: 4/26/22 1:08 PM

Any update on the update?
I can't get my chars synced due to being on a TLP, so I got premium... and now I still can't get them on. :/
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Posted: 4/26/22 2:02 PM

I imagine magelo sync would be patched and ready to use already if it were not for the unscheduled downtime yesterday for an additional patch.
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Posted: 4/26/22 3:49 PM

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I am not getting the usual we need to patch message I am getting this:You don't have any game running right now. Choose the game you want to launch.

But I am logged in.

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Posted: 4/27/22 6:18 AM

Just patched Magelo Sync, please restart it and you should be good to go.