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Posted: 4/22/22, 12:13 PM

When i try to sync it says the EverQuest has had a recent patch and Megelo will update soon. Whats that mean? Iw wanted to get a premeium account but if its not working whats the point? When will it be working again?

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Posted: 4/22/22, 3:41 PM

Same, please let me know when it is updated.

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Posted: 4/22/22, 6:58 PM

It usually takes ~5 days for Jelan to patch the Magelo application.

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Posted: 4/27/22, 6:23 AM

It usually takes me 1 or 2 days, EQ patch on Wednesday and I am trying to patch Magelo Sync before the WE. This time around, the patch turned out to be pretty substantial and they patched again on Monday...