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Posted: 6/3/22, 3:15 AM

Appears that on synch, property items are not included. This has been an intermittent problem with past patches, just didn't know if you were aware. Shows General, Bank & Shared Bank, but not properties.

Edit: I am a tradeskiller and I store my supplies in houses, which is how I found out, when I searched on items I knew were in my properties.

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Posted: 6/4/22, 11:19 AM

I cannot speak for whether Jelan can find the bank of memory that pertains to housing storage, or not.

Speaking from my own personal experience, I made a FTP green account (allows for 2 characters) and dumped a bunch of the 32-slot TS bags on them, and send one smithing/tailoring, and the other baking/brewing goods for storage. When I need something I just log that account in and search through inventory/bank and parcel it on over.

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Posted: 6/6/22, 4:57 AM

I need to re enable real estate tracking, it's on my todo. Had to disable it when we switched to 64bit game client but now there is no reason to not invest some time to fix it.