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Posted: 3/16/23, 3:54 AM

Hi, and thanks for keeping Magelo alive. Such a useful tool.

I have noticed in the Zone view template ( https://eq.magelo.com/zone/xxx, where xxx is the zone ID/number) that there is this lovely convenient button stating "View dropable items". Clicking that shows items dropped in the zone, but it includes all non-droppable items. I guess that is not the intent

Looking at the URL generated when clicking that button (or link, rather), it seems that the query string might be missing the parameter telling the target URL's server-side script to filter away non-droppable items.

On https://eq.magelo.com/zone/707 (Morell Castle zone page), clicking "View dropable items" links to this URL: https://eq.magelo.com/zone_item.jspa?zone=707. Somehow I would imagine an extra querystring parameter is needed here, but I could be wrong.

By the way, isn't it "droppable" (with double-p) instead of "dropable". I am not a native English speaker so not sure, but my spelling control gets upset unless I use double p.



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Posted: 5/6/23, 10:39 PM

Hi Barbasja,

I have integrated both the zone's drops / sold items in the related tabs with some additional facets to help filter the results.